Conserving the character and environment of the village

Conserving the character and environment of the village


Guiting Power

A vibrant village on a tributary of the river Windrush in the North Cotswolds.

Home to 320 people in 137 households with two Pubs, two Churches, a Post Office, a Bakery and Shop, a Playschool and thriving Village Hall.





The great agricultural depression of the 1870’s hit Guiting very hard and by the beginning of the 20th century its houses were in a dilapidated state.

In the 1930’s Moya Davidson began to buy up properties in the village in order to ensure that they continued to to be rented to local people.

Raymond Cochrane acquired the Estate in 1958 for agricultural research purposes and continued the restoration work begun by Moya Davidson. It took years but eventually some 40 houses were internally modernised and externally restored including re-roofing in stone, one of the great delights of the Cotswolds.

In 1964 the original Guiting Manor Trust won a Civic Trust Award and in 1971 the core of the village was made a Conservation Area.




The New Guiting Manor Amenity Trust

In 1976  the new Guiting Manor Amenity Trust was founded by Raymond Cochrane to ensure the future of the village lands and houses, nature and the environment, character and community of Guiting Power.

The Trust owns and manages about 50% of village’s residential properties and lets them out to local people.

The Trust now owns 69 dwellings and about 2,000 acres.

The Trust’s policy of choosing tenants from local families and from people working in or near the village, and also giving priority to young married couples, has given the population balance and stability and has happily renewed the trend initiated so courageously in the 1930’s.

Guiting Manor Farm

The Trust’s farming subsidiary, Guiting Manor Farms, has won various awards including the national Booker Silver Lapwing Trophy for combining good sustainable farming with the conservation of wildlife.


Guiting Power Nursery School

The village School (built and given to the parish by John Waddingham of Guiting Grange in 1872) was closed down and put up for sale by the local authority. The Trustees decided to purchase the building which is now leased by Cotswold Montessori Nursery School and now plays a central role in the community’s life.

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The Village Hall

Guiting Power Village Hall is a perfect venue for parties, weddings, events and much more. It is the hub of village life and there are events held here throughout the year. Adjacent to the hall is the village playground with stunning views over the Cotswolds.